Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate

Sodium ascorbyl phosphate or SAP is an extremely safe, stable and water-soluble form of vitamin C which functions on the skin as a potent anti-oxidant in brightening uneven and tired skin-tone and keeping the skin glowy and clean. Relatively small amounts of sodium ascorbyl phosphate (at least 5%) are sufficient for regulating acne-prone skin and skin prone to sebum hyper-production. In that sense, products based on this derivative of vitamin C at the same time prevent the development of new acne on a microbiological level and treat the remnants of once-present pimples (source: Klock J., Ikeno H., Ohmori K., Nishikawa T., Vollhardt J., Schehlmann V. 2005 Sodium ascorbyl phosphate shows in vitro and in vivo efficacy in the prevention and treatment of acne vulgaris International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 27:171-176).

SAP has been proven to reduce oxidative stress of the skin caused by environmental factors such as UV radiation and environmental pollution, leading to microscopic damage to the skin which accumulates over time. This accumulated skin damage as well as reduced collagen production is noticed as signs of aging. SAP as an anti-oxidant acts precisely against oxidative stress and it is estimated that in this role it is effective even in very low concentrations (0.2% to 2%). In addition to being an anti-oxidant, SAP also acts as a melanin-inhibitor making it a very important skincare component targeted against hormonally induced hyperpigmentation and post-inflammatory pigmentation, while for a lightening effect an adequate concentration is above 3%. Skintegra’s Superba serum contains 10% sodium ascorbyl phosphate which makes it extremely effective on all skin types faced with first signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkles), skin texture problems, pigmentation marks, uneven and tired-looking skin tone and acne. Due to its stability in a pH 6 to 6.5 medium, Skintegra’s SAP-containing serum can be combined with other active components such as niacinamide.